Privacy Policy  may collect and process the personal information of the Account Holder for the following purposes:

the provision of its gaming and betting services;

    • legal reasons;
    • regulatory reasons;
    • identification and/or authentication;
    • marketing purposes, based on the opt-in principle.  adheres to the Data Protection Act and others relevant regulations, legal notices and/or similar instruments in force at the Place of the Contract, taking account of the Data Protection Directive and the Electronic Communications Privacy Directive.  has adopted best practices when it comes to the principles of email communication with Account Holders.

All the aforementioned is in place in order to assure Account Holders that at all times personal data is:

    • processed in accordance with the rights of the Account Holder concerned;
    • processed fairly and lawfully;
    • obtained only for a specific and lawful purpose;
    • adequate, relevant and not excessive to its purpose;
    • accurate and updated;
    • kept in a secure manner;
    • not kept longer than is necessary for its purpose;
    • not transferred to jurisdictions not adhering to the aforementioned Directives;
    • utilised for marketing purposes based on the opt-in principle.  will disclose any of its Account Holders’ personal data and any other information and/or records relating to the Account Holder when ordered to do so by any Governing Authority and/or under any legal provision contained in the Governing Law.  will instruct and authorise the Financial Institution with which an Account Holder's account is held to disclose any information as may be requested by the Regulator in respect of an Account Holder's account.

For fraud detection and control purposes, the Account Holder agrees that  has the right to transfer their personal data to third parties, including but not limited to so-called Address Verification System service providers, Payment Service Providers and Financial Institutions. Furthermore,  reserves the right to disclose the Account Holder’s personal data to relevant parties where  has reasonable grounds to suspect irregularities involving a  Account.  will keep the Account Holder’s personal data and all the financial transaction details for a minimum period of ten years after the closure of their  Account.  will delete the Account Holder’s personal data if no transaction has ever been registered on the Account Holder’s account.

Calls may be recorded and used for training purposes. Content can be disclosed when ordered to do so by any Governing Authority and/or under any legal provision contained in the Governing Law. Calls and electronic communications are stored for one year and then deleted from the system.

Any and all materials submitted for Prize claims become the property of  and will not be returned.  reserves the right to process the Account Holder’s personal data for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) purposes. Only Account Holders who have opted in will receive advertising material.

The Account Holder’s personal data shall be accessible to  employees.  shall only disclose the Account Holder’s personal data to third parties other than the Regulator or Government Authorities solely on an opt-in basis or when required to do so by law. The Account Holder has the right to require access to their own personal data and/or has the right to correct and/or erase incorrect and/or inappropriate data.